How to use Eroxon®

Find out how to use our unique treatment for ED

Eroxon® is easy to use and works fast

The application of Eroxon® has been designed to add to your sex life, becoming a natural part of foreplay.

Eroxon® is a clear gel supplied in single dose tubes. Using the entire contents of a tube – a pea-sized amount of gel – you or your partner should gently massage the gel on the head of the penis for 15 seconds shortly before sex.

And that’s it. It’s simple, intimate and, importantly, fast-acting. Eroxon® is clinically proven to help you get an erection in under 10 minutes, bringing that all-important spontaneity back into the bedroom.

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Who can use Eroxon®?

Eroxon® is suitable for adult men who have ED. If you can’t get an erection that’s firm enough for satisfactory sex, Eroxon® could be the solution.

You should not use Eroxon® if:
– You are allergic to any of the ingredients.
– You have been advised by a doctor to avoid sexual activity.
– You have any disease or deformity of your penis.
– The skin on your penis is red or sore, or appears damaged or broken.

  • Get your partner involved

    Your partner can apply Eroxon® as part of foreplay.

  • No planning required

    Take the pressure off with a treatment that’s ready when you are.

  • One tube, one use

    One tube of Eroxon® is enough for one use. After sex, your erection will naturally fade. If you want to have sex again, you will need to use another tube of Eroxon®.

A box of Eroxon erectile dysfunction treatment, with a tube of stimgel stood upright next to the box.

As and when you need it

There’s no limit on how often you can use Eroxon® in a day although it is only one single dose tube per sexual intercourse attempt. You can use Eroxon® as many times as you wish to, and it’s suitable for long-term use. 

Eroxon® will only help you to get an erection if you are sexually excited (stimulated).

It is important to have a check-up with your doctor as soon as possible within the first six months of using Eroxon® to ensure that your ED is not caused by another serious health condition. Always read the label before use.

ED treatments may not work for everyone. Talk to your doctor about alternative treatment options if Eroxon® does not work for you.

How to use Eroxon®

  • 1

    Take one single-use tube just before sex

  • 2

    Unscrew the cap

  • 3

    Using the top of the cap, pierce the seal

  • 4

    Empty the pea-sized dose of gel on to your (or your partner’s) finger

  • 5

    Massage the gel into the head of the penis for 15 seconds

An infographic demonstrating how to apply Eroxon to the head of the penis.

Download the Eroxon® Product Leaflet


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Where is Eroxon® available?

It’s never been easier to treat ED.

Eroxon® is available to buy without a prescription in pharmacies or online in certain countries. Eroxon® is also available in all European markets online. It will be available in further European countries in due course.