For Partners

With Eroxon®, partners can be part of the solution

Erectile dysfunction affects you both, and partners can play a vital role in treatment

ED affects both people in a relationship, and when left unaddressed, can negatively affect the intimacy you share. It can feel isolating for both partners, and in some cases create a rift in your relationship.

Eroxon®, a clinically proven treatment for ED, can help you rediscover the intimacy of your relationship, giving you both the chance to reclaim control. Treatments for ED are nothing new, but have not involved the partner – until now.

How erectile dysfunction may affect your relationship

If your partner has ED, you may feel helpless, frustrated and doubtful; feelings that your partner likely shares. To help you understand you’re not alone in your experience, we look at a few ways ED may be impacting your relationship.

Feeling distant
A lack of intimacy may leave you feeling distant from your partner, even while sharing a bed. You may feel unable to connect with them, and sense a rift forming in your relationship.

The blame game
It’s important to remember that ED is nobody’s fault. When stress and pressure are placed on your relationship in this way, it can result in a cycle of blaming either each other or yourselves. Your partner also may be in denial about their condition, which can lead to resentment on both sides.

Loss of confidence
Dealing with ED in your relationship can lead to a loss of confidence. Logic is often overruled by emotion – the knowledge that ED is a medical condition doesn’t always stop people from getting their feelings hurt. We know that you may feel lonely, unwanted and low on self-esteem; these are natural responses that aren’t always under our control.


  • How can you help your partner using Eroxon®?

    The responsibility of treatment doesn’t have to be left solely to your partner. Eroxon® is unique in its ability to keep you involved throughout the process.

  • You can play an active role in treatment

    Eroxon® is available without prescription, so you can purchase the treatment in place of your partner if you wish. Eroxon® is fast acting and is applied directly to the head of the penis meaning application can be a natural part of intimacy and foreplay. You can apply the treatment on your partner, as Eroxon® is a gel directly applied to the head of the penis.

  • Purchase Eroxon® for your partner

    With such an intimate subject matter, some people may feel too embarrassed to buy the treatment themselves – this way, you can take any worries from your partner. You can even order Eroxon® for your partner with ED online, making it easier than ever to bring fun and spontaneity back into your sex life.

How will Eroxon® affect you, the partner?

It takes two to tango, after all. As a gel applied to the head of the penis, Eroxon® comes into direct contact with intimate parts of your body – understandably, you may need reassurance about using the treatment.

Eroxon®’s effectiveness and safety is clinically proven, having undergone clinical trials in Europe and the US, and is approved in the EU, the UK and the US. It was found to have a very low incidence of local side effects in partners, giving it an excellent safety profile.

How can you support your partner?

Open and empathetic communication
Honest and open communication is so important in maintaining a healthy relationship, especially when dealing with a sensitive subject like ED. Remember that it’s likely a topic they find difficult to discuss – remaining supportive and empathetic to their concerns is essential.

Reminding yourself that it’s no-one’s fault, keeping communication channels open, and taking active steps together to find a solution will help you regain any lost confidence and support your partner.

Understanding the root cause
ED is a medical condition with many different causes. It can be rooted in underlying health issues, but very rarely has anything to do with attraction and isn’t a reflection of their desire for you. Treating ED as a condition rather than a relationship breakdown can help you both approach the situation positively.

Working together
Approach ED as a partnership and work together to find a treatment. Talking to your partner about the situation and taking steps together to find a solution can help you regain any lost closeness.

Seeking out a treatment like Eroxon® can help you bring some much-needed intimacy back into your relationship.


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