What is Eroxon® and how does it work?

  • What is Eroxon®?

  • How does Eroxon® work?

  • Who can use Eroxon®?

  • Where can I purchase Eroxon®?

  • How long does Eroxon® work for?

  • How much gel is there in one tube of Eroxon®?

  • Is Eroxon® clinically proven?

How to use Eroxon®

  • How do I use Eroxon®?

  • Is sexual stimulation necessary for Eroxon® to work?

  • How often can I use Eroxon®?

  • Is Eroxon® compatible with condoms and lubricants?

  • Is Eroxon® safe for oral sex?

Partner questions

  • Can I involve my partner in using Eroxon®?

  • Can I use Eroxon® if we are trying to conceive?

  • Does Eroxon® contain any spermicidal ingredients?

  • Can Eroxon® cause irritation for the partner?


  • Does Eroxon® have any side effects?